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Takeaways from 300 Words Or Less

Yeah, that's right - I made it rhyme

· CES,tech

Everyone else seems to be chiming in on CES this year, so I figured I'd throw my own insights into the mix. Here goes nothing:

  • What a total shit show. Not even Vegas can handle CES crowds. I waited 45 min at the airport cab line (dead phone = no Uber). Restaurants were running out of everything.
  • Really cool setup by Spotify at the Aria. Took over a room to show that sound = life experiences
  • 2017 is the year of wearables and AI-enabled products, with a side of VR. Wait - wasn't that 2016??
  • Way too many wearable companies all playing in the same sandbox: Vert, Mio, OnFit (just for baseball!?), and that doesn't even include FitBit, Garmin, etc. or any wearable clothes - this is just trackers alone!
    • Stop building wearables - build products around them!
  • Do I really need a water bottle to track how much I've drank today, and tell me the temp of my liquid??
  • Anyone that's trying to do some sort of closed-loop "smart" IoT ecosystem in the home should just stop. Right now. Google and Amazon beat you already. Alexa is so hot right now...
    • That includes other IoT products - I'm looking at you, smart remote control...
  • Lots of item trackers as well.  I don't need a certain branded tracker for my phone, my luggage, etc. Just using a Tile on anything works!
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